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Rick’s Rain Gutters is Licensed and fully insured with a professional staff at reasonable rates.

We offer installation for seamless aluminum gutters, copper gutters or any type of gutter your heart desires.

All gutters are custom-made on site to fit and match the color of your home or building. We can fix and/or replace leaking seams, corners, loose and damaged gutters, damaged/missing down spouts, etc. Gutter Tune ups include, inspection/recommendations/ water testing and pricing, interior cleaning of gutters and down spouts, re-sealing seams, (re-nailing gutters with spikes or hangers) and gutter re-sloping if needed.

We have a family of companies.  (Rick Mirabito Contractors since 1986) and painters (Advanced Painting Contractors Co., Inc. since 1983), to help prevent you from having to subcontract your carpentry repairs (small or large), such as fascia boards, rafter tails, belly boards, and your painting needs (just fascia boards, or complete) prior to gutter installation.

Both a C-33 441425, CA Painting license (Advanced Painting Contractors Co., Inc.), and a B-1 571114 General Contractor’s Building license (Rick Mirabito Contractors) we can accommodate a vast majority of your needs with quality workmanship and materials, including, carpentry and iron work before painting, with our full time in-house carpenters.

Your rain gutter, carpentry and painting projects can be packaged together with our family of companies saving you time and money.

About Our Team

Rick’s Rain Gutters has been installing, cleaning and repairing your rain gutters for many years. We specialize in custom homes, HOA’s, Multi-Unit buildings, Industrial, Commercial and more.