Gutter Guards

  • Clips directly to gutter lip.

  • Tipping feature for easy maintenance.

  • Installs directly above shingle minimizing labor.

  • Available in aluminum, copper, and AKDQ (aluminized steel)

  • Easily installation with the push of a thumb.

  • Convexed design prevents debris accumulation.

  • Stainless steel clip/hinge design for quick installation.

  • Colors are Black, Brown, and Mill Finish (no paint).

  • Sizes for 5″, 6″ and 7″ K Style or Half Round gutter.

  • Available in 225′, 75′, and 3′ quantities.

Drop In™

Gutter Screens

  • Drops into place quickly and easily.

  • Reinforced edge adapts directly to gutter lip.

  • Available in aluminum, copper and galvanized steel.

  • Handy three foot sections slide under shingle.

  • An economical alternative to roll out screens.

  • Fits any standard K Style gutter.

  • Available in 5″ and 6″ sizes.

  • Quantities of 150′ and 21′.

Snap In™ Gutter Screens

Economical Vinyl System

  • Our most economical PVC gutter guard.

  • Made of a high quality, rigid PVC.

  • Will not collapse under debris.

  • Raised snap in lip prevents overflow problems.

  • 50 guards needed for average home.

  • Available in White, Brown or Black.

  • Fits any standard 5″ K Style gutter.

  • Quantities of 540′, 150′ and 21′.

The Gutter Shingle

The Next Big Gutter Protector

  • The advantages of both a gutter screen and a solid cover.

  • Will handle the heaviest of rainfall.

  • Keeps leaves, needles, and other small debris out of the gutter.

  • Special coated finish has a shingle like texture and feel.

  • Notched clip for easy overlapping installation.

  • Fits directly to any standard 5″ or 6″ K Style gutter.

  • Installs directly under roof edge or shingle.

  • Available in quantities of 1200′, 60′, and 3′.

  • Hinged™- Tipping Feature For Easy Maintenance

  • Drop In™- Economical Screen With Reinforced Edge

  • Snap In™- Affordable All Vinyl Gutter Screen

Gutter Guards

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Our Selection of Gutter Guards and Screens

  • The Gutter Shingle™- High Performance Gutter Screen

  • Lock On™ - Contractor Favorite in Powder Coated Steel

  • Lock On Fine Mesh™- New Improved Design with Half the Mesh Size

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  • Handy four foot sections fit to gutter.

  • Very rigid; will not collapse under ice and snow

  • Made from heavy gauge steel for more rigidity.

  • Special powder coated finish adds longer durability.

  • Black finish blends to shingle.

  • Also ideal for cedar shake, tile, and metal roofs.

  • Unique edge locks directly to gutter lip.

  • Easy installation; no special tools required.

  • Available in 5″ or 6″ sizes. Quantities of 1200′, 100′ and 20′.


Fine Mesh Gutter Guards

  • Fits 5″ K Style metal gutters

  • This Is A Finer Mesh Version Than Our Standard Lock-On

  • Locks onto the gutter with special “locking” edge.

  • Made of expanded galvanized steel.

  • Special powder coated black finish adds long term durability.

  • 25 pieces per box.

  • Each piece measure 5″ x 48″.

Hinged™ Gutter Guards

Tipping Feature For Easy Maintenance